Josh and Anabel

Josh and Anabel

Monday, December 8, 2014

Super Sunday!

This Sunday was supper Sunday we had one service then after church we had some people over at our house. Had a good time fellowshiping! 
Bro. Wheeler was here this Sunday! 
The end of the Sunday school quarter has come to an end! Zaylees class had 3 memory verses to memorize and she did a great job and memorized all of them! 
Zaylee and nana! 



Living room window!

This weekend my handyman did some work for me!! He took out a window in my living room that wasn't centered out and put 3 windows in. I like the end result A LOT! What a great job he did! The best part was that he finished it all in one day! Here are some pics! 



Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy holidays!

Happy thanksgiving! 
I really enjoys this time of the year lots of food! :-) (oh so terrible) anyhow I am so thankful for all the blessing God has blessed my family and I with! God has been so good to our family!! I absolutely love living for God it's the best life anyone could ever live. There are tough times but the beauty of it all is knowing God will see you through. He will give you streangh and wisdom. I love the lord with all my heart! 
I am also so thankful for my wonderful husband who is also my best friend he is a very hardworking man! Words can't explain how much I love him! 
This is the first year we have had a Christmas tree. Zaylee our lil helper helped us decorate it. We had fun! 

That's about all for now! Have a wonderful day! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Last night!

well here we are eating our favorite thing to do.... :-{ 

Zip Lining at Marriage Retreat!


JOSH WAS HEADED UP! LOL... This is the "coming soon" zip line. wasn't finished yet! so far they just have the rope and the ladder. still working on the harness. haha..